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Caps v. Flyers: Do or Die

Ok, so this is it. All the cliches apply! Do or Die! Backs to the wall! Why not us?! Low introductory rate!

While Ovechkin had a rough night Thursday JP shows that he has been great about bouncing back from such efforts. It's a testament to Kimmo Timmonen's defensive abilities that he gave Ovechkin so much trouble. Washington's star has to do more to get uncovered. In Gretzky's autobiography he mentioned that in an Islanders' series he was getting shadowed ridiculously well and he remembered an old trick that Gilbert Perreault (I think) used to employ. He'd adjust his body just before making a pass so that he was almost already prepared to receive the return pass. Ovechkin needs to start thinking like that along with switching wings once in a while to get untracked.

JP paints a pretty good picture about the team's attitude and the odds facing the team. Why not the Capitals? A lot of teams that you wouldn't expect to come back from 3-1 have done it. The Wild did it twice in 2003 and the senators almost did it that same year. Both teams beat squads much better and more experienced than these Flyers so why not the Caps?

First things first, a win this afternoon. If the Caps match their effort from Thursday then there is no reason that they can't win this game. Hopefully the officiating crew will raise their game to match the game's importance.

Remember to put your SPG guesses and try to guess in which period Ovechkin asserts himself on this series and puts the fear of God into the hearts of the Flyers' faithful.

Go Caps