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Caps at Flyers

A couple of pressure-packed games will be going tonight. It'll be hard to have to flick back and forth between the Caps' game and the possibility of an epic fail on the part of the Canadiens. In a perfect world the Flyers will crumble under the immense amount of pressure that they must be feeling and the Caps can blow them out so that I can enjoy every second of the underdog Bruins upsetting the Habs. Knock on wood though.

The Capitals don't have nearly the pressure on them that the Flyers' do. Besides the fact that they were up 3-1 the Flyers still live in Philadelphia. That's bad enough. But if they lose then they are chokers, they live in Philadelphia, and Geno and Tony will smash up their houses.
Oh, and they'll still live in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, the Capitals are playing with house money now. They know that not only is this an amazing learning experience but that they have a team that will be back in the playoffs for years to come.

From the Pot. Kettle. Black Files Flyers' coach John Stevens is complaining about the referees. Maybe if your team wasn't a bunch of goalie running, elbow throwing, purse carrying scumbuckets the refs wouldn't have to call so many penalties on your team. Just a thought.

Remember the SPG guesses. I actually have them tallied but keep forgetting to put them up. I'll have them up tomorrow in anticipation of tomorrow's seventh game.

Until then, Go Caps and Go Bruins (sorry LD! the lesser of two evils and all that).