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From The Branches

There's no recap of game 5 of the Caps-Flyers series for one very good reason: Saturday was the home opener for Toronto FC. A sea of red descended on BMO Field and left sated as a Lauren Robert free-kick gave the good guys a 1-0 win.

I managed to get home just in time to see Semin wire a laser past Biron and watch a Keystone Kops routine allow Darien Hatcher to pull the Flyers back to within one. Tonight, they head back to the belly of the beast as they look to force a game seven back in Washington. Here are some things to read to pass the time until the game.

  • Greener gives us a quick primer on every forthcoming article written about the Leafs until they hire Brian Burke.

  • The Omen writes the aforementioned article almost word for word. I think he left out the section with other possible candidates just to throw us off his scent. Too bad the stink is so strong.

  • MapleLeafs85 is having Greener-induced nightmares of Dick and Larry screwing the hiring process up. God helps us.

  • Steve is the anti-Sean! My day is much brighter now that I know some Swedish kid might sign with the Leafs. It worked out pretty well last time. Also, Nikolai Kulemin might suit up at the World Championships. Check out the comparison with Ovechkin and Malkin's time in the RSL. If that comparison holds...

  • Speaking of game sevens, the Habs are in tough tonight. Some fans are bricking it. A sens sweep and a Habs' collapse? It's just like Christmas.

  • JP has an early preview of tonight's Caps game.