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Caps v. Flyers - Reputation Game

For the second time in the clubs' histories the Flyers and Capitals will meet in a seventh game. Last night the Habs continued their seventh game dominance over the Bruins (much to the chagrin of store owners throughout Montreal) and tonight the Capitals hope to build on their 1-0 record. Sure, it came 20 years ago but that doesn't mean that there isn't video footage of the event:

Overtime (Ovietime?) will suit me just fine. It's a bit of a nerve wracking afternoon/evening. Liverpool and Chelsea are playing right now in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final tie. After that comes this game seven. I'm not even a real Caps' fan!

Anyway, onto the title of the thread. Both games offer the players involved the opportunity to build a reputation, whether good or bad, that enhances the way fans view their regular season exploits. Frank Lampard and John Terry might have won two Premier League titles but they've also left Anfield crying on two previous occassions after failing to advance from CL semi-finals. In the same vein, the Capitals' young guns have an opportunity to show that they have the testicular fortitude to look a game seven in the eye and not blink.

History doesn't even give us much to analyze. Well, other than the fact that the Flyers' team is full of game seven passengers. Hopefully, in both games the trend of the good guys winning will continue. Ovechkin has done some good work towards garnering the 'clutch' label. A goal or two tonight wouldn't hurt.

I've updated the playoff SPG and, no surprise, getting points is even harder when you don't know the team that well. Loser Domi is winning and JP only has one point so put your guesses and hopefully we'll be playing this game next round.

Go Caps