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Caps 2 v. Flyers 3 OT: Injustice

I hate being right.

PPP said...
Now, let's see who the refs are...Koharski and Devorski? We're screwed-ski...
4/22/2008 5:01 PM

That has to be the most blatantly crooked refereeing that I have seen in a while. The two jerkskis swallow (their whistles this time) in the third and most of overtime and pull them out of their nether regions for that call? Forget the non-call on the goalie interference for a second and how do you justify that? I can't imagine what Caps fans are going through but I know that in the Flyers-Habs series I'll be cheering on the meteor. Let's see if the Habs fans are as tough in Philadelphia as they were in Montreal against the cops.

God, what a shitty day.