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Caps 4 at Flyers 2: Multiple Ovechgasms

Wow. Just wow. There are some satisfied fans in Washington and some very angry fans in Philadelphia. Check out the last picture. No way that guy is from Philly because that is far too creative.

While the Bruins choked on their chance to destroy the hopes and dreams of their fiercest rivals the Capitals did not back down even after falling behind 2-0. The Flyers, it seemed to me, were starting to feel the effects of six physical games. The Capitals were winning more races and definitely had more jump. Youth will do that. Then Ovechkin blocked a shot with his stick (and unlike that moron Bruin didn't tip it into his own net) and Kozlov sent him in alone on Biron. It was a turning point. Either he was going to be stopped and the Flyers were going to eliminate the Caps or Ovie was going to score and Ovechgasm all over the Flyers. Thankfully it was the latter. After going four games without a goal Alex exploded (hee hee) for two in the third to send the series back to Washington for a seventh game. Look out Philly.

So the Capitals enjoy the benefits of home ice advantage. Playing in the Southeast has paid off for the Caps since they actually finished with fewer points than the Flyers. Expect that to be a bone of contention with Flyers' fans once they are eliminated. It should be but it's Flyers fans so who really cares?

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  • Dr. Mirtle has video and pictures of Montreal's embarrassing display after their win over the Bruins. The Pensblog says it best "But after being forced into a Game 7 by a number eight seed? Act like you have actually been there. It may go down as the one of the stupidest riots in the history of the world. WOW." I assume that lazy journalists will start to trot out the "and Montreal riots" after every early season win just like they do about planning the parade in Toronto. I guess they had to riot now since they're going out in about four games in the next round.