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From The Branches

Not a bad weekend of hockey (or soccer! GO TFC!) as the Habs lost to the Flyers courtesy of another Carey Price blunder and the team built by our future GM took a 2-0 lead over the San Jose Sharks. Hal Gill helped the Pens take a 2-0 lead and Detroit looks unstoppable again.

As for the Leafs,

  • Loser Domi files part two of her expose on Bryan McCabe's backyard BBQ. That Tie Domi can't spell.

  • PSC looks at Carey Price's kryptonite: simple, common sense plays. The FHF are in no way worried.

  • Steve sees the Marlies morphing into something horrific: The Leafs. And Pogge still isn't playing because Greg Gilbert is a big dummy. The only depressing thing about the soccer game on Saturday was realising the extent to which MLSE is in trouble.

  • Greener once met Sean Avery and didn't even kick him in the junk. Oh, and Hal Gill may not be a fighter but he would have killed the punk on Sunday.

  • Andrew Bucholtz, a fellow Golden Gael, looks at the Jays. I hate baseball so seeing the Jays' struggle is bringing a smile to my face. I wonder if JP will make it to year 8 (or is it 9?) of his five year plan to win the AL East.

  • Jorn's Jottings are back. I have to agree with Kim, how is Uncle Jesse's dirty sucker punch not more of an issue? Last year when Brad May did it to Jonsson he was marked for death. I guess the CBC is, as Kim rightfully should be, afraid of having their offices looted.