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From The Branches - Lazy Monday Edition

Thanks to Eyebeleaf for the reminder. I have been sitting on some links from the past couple of days that I have been meaning to post. As always, remember that you can e-mail me links that you think are worth sharing. Enjoy.

  • Sean goes behind enemy lines to uncover the blatant hypocrisy that is ottawa. No, not the traitorous fans but the clueless media. It's terrible. The media I mean...and living in ottawa.

  • Kim Jorn looks at the Maclean's article that I am sure everyone has had forwarded to them by some jerk former friend of theirs. Wow, what a surprise. A completely superficial and clueless article about the Leafs. How original.

  • MF37 takes a look at the sidebar (The Leafosphere: We Cover Every Angle) and calls it out for trying to fudge facts to make their case. Actually, it's blatantly lying to make their case. Damien Cox would be proud.

  • Steve tries to look at the bright side of the off-season. He also takes a shot at TFC. Tsk tsk Steve. Laurent Robert is no aging veteran. He is the 32 year old midfield maestro that will help fill the net.

  • Loser Domi gives us some photoshop giggles and it kind of masks the empty feeling that came with seeing the playoff schedule announced.

  • Eyebeleaf has 20 questions for the Leafs this off-season. I assume that means that it's part 1 of a 10 part series.

  • Jared has an alternative to the foster teams: foster players. Not a bad list but a team is much easier. Plus, only Sid the Kid gets his own blog.