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From The Branches

7th overall! In a draft seven deep it should be a boon for the Leafs to have the seventh pick. Stamkos sure looked awkward on the TSN draft show. My heart raced as the third pick (the Leafs' highest possible spot) was read and if he had said Tampa Bay I would have never made it past the 'T-' before passing out. It's nice to know what the news coverage in the city will be over the next couple of months. We'll definitely have tonnes of in-depth articles on the team scouts, their impressions, and the possible players that will be donning the blue and white. Right?

If not, the Leafosphere has already gotten the ball rolling.

  • Steve thinks that the Leafs should go after a high scoring forward. I have to agree mostly because Mirtle says that scoring comes largely from your drafted players and the Good Doctor is never wrong.

  • Sean wonders what it would take to get that # 1 pick. While anti-Leaf fans will bleat about the ridiculousness of the exercise before their miniscule intellects can wrap their mind around these facts: the Lightning still have serious cap issues, they need to sign a goalie, they have no one beyond the big three, and Stamkos will finish his rookie contract before any of the Big Three's has expired. It would take a lot but it's not a crazy idea.

  • Pat Burns is going behind the bench for Canada's World Championship team. That will make a nice warmup before stepping behind the home bench at the Air Canada Centre this fall.

  • Uncle Cliff is still promising changes. There has beena  lot of doom and gloom but the team is so far on the right path to getting back to respectability (ie being slammed for making four conference championships in 10 years). Getting Brian Burke into town and the 7th overall pick are good next steps. I'd say things can only get better but as a Leaf fan I know better ;) but there's hope.

  • Dave Nonis, bless his heart, does his best to inject a little humour into Leaf fans' lives. The Canucks suck. Just like they did last year. Just like they will next year. They have less of a future than the Leafs, a Stanley Cup drought almost as long, and a team at least as poorly assembled from the washroom attendants to the GM than the Leafs. Maclean's will obviously report this in their next issue. Or they would if anyone cared about the Canucks.

  • Junior outlines the case for making the Capitals our foster team. Remember to vote in the poll down the page and help choose our direction for the next couple of weeks at least.

  • Hey, terrible basketball scribe turned sometimes Leaf-basher Dave Feschuk is back! Glad to see that he admitted that he is both condescending and self-satisfied but that doesn't quite cover it. He could also toss in clueless and hypocritical. This article is a pretty good ad hominem attack. Reads almost like a rant-y blog post. God forbid though because he's supposed to be a trained journalist. On the other hand he does make some good points about Paul Maurice not that he didn't target low-lying fruit but he does work alongside Damien Cox so it's probably in the employee handbook. I really like Maurice and wanted him to succeed but he hasn't so he has to go for Pat Burns.