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From The Branches - More Records

Well, one of the best things about having multiple teams in multiple sports is when their seasons overlap. The Leafs end just as TFC is starting up, the EPL is getting going just as the MLS is in full swing, the NFL gets going shortly thereafter, and who cares about baseball? You never have much time to dwell on a team's failures because there is always another source of hope just around the corner. With Liverpool gone from the Champions League I can now focus on North American soccer. Word is the CL final will be May 21st but I think I'll just take a few sleeping pills the night of the 20th and wake up on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, in some site news, April is the new record month for visits and page views. Thanks go out to everyone that visits and contributes and hopefully the community will continue to grow. There are some changes coming forth that will make the site about 1000 times better.

As for Leaf land, Wedding bells are ringing for the Captain. The first e-mail I got was telling me about the wedding and the second I got from a friend was asking about the divide by 2 and add 7 rule. No worries, Mats is not going the route of Roger Clemens or Karl Malone. 37/2 = 18 (always round down) + 7 = 25 so he is all good.

  • Joe Pelletier has a profile on Bill Barilko. I remember at one of the games I went to see this past season they had a contest between two guys that had to name 5 songs each. They went back and forth recognizing ridiculous chick songs, club songs, and other gimmes for the Woodbridge crowd and the last one for the second guy was Fifty Mission Cap. He had on a Leafs' jersey and a cap and was all "I AM A HUGE LEAFS FAN!!!" and he blew it. I couldn't stop laughing.

  • Greener wants Avery's doctors to have the freedom to deal with the lacerated spleen as they see fit regardless of their course of action. P.s. considering Buzz Bissinger's ridiculous rant against blogs isn't it ironic that it was a newspaper that basically made up all of the details surrounding Avery's predicament?

  • Posts like this one make hating a team all worthwhile. Chew on this: If not for a Jeff Carter broken stick at the end of game 1 the Habs would have been swept.

If you have any other interesting links be sure to add them in the comments.