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From The Branches - Olive Branch Edition

Quick update on Project Mayhem:

  • Alfredsson's page is up and running
  • We need a tagline for Mats
  • We have raised $204 out of our $280 goal. If you want to participate you can send me a paypal at or an e-mail money transfer or we can arrange something else via e-mail

The other news is that sisu has extended an olive branch. He's agreed to contribute $50 to our project if we match it with a donation to Saku Koivu's Foundation. If you want to earmark your contribution for this just make a note of it in your e-mail.

And now, some stories to pass the day:

  • Sorry sens fans. Despite your hopes that justice would be served on Mark Bell it looks like he'll just be working days at the jail. No sleepovers if he's a good boy.

  • Steve takes a look at some of the key contributors to the Marlies' playoff run. This is just like 1993 so expect them to lose a heartbreaking game 7 to the best player in AHL history. Oh, and almost 5,000 people went to the game. Not bad.

  • Greener wonders how anyone could venerate baseball players or could think NBA players are anything close to tough. In other news, after stopping a slapshot with his face Braydon Coburn will probably stop the next one with his neck. That's tough.

  • Fate is a funny thing. The first story I read after writing that paragraph was about Extreme Baseball. No, it doesn't involve anything more extreme than two pitchers, two diamonds, and a bunch of stupid stuff. They don't even have a rule allowing a batter to keep hold of his bat when he charges the mound. Lame.

  • Via Mirtle here is a great resource for the NHL Entry Draft this year. Who's gonna be the Leafs' bust?!!

  • The Pensblog is life changing. If you aren't reading it then you should start.