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Project Mayhem Update

Great news! We've hit our initial target of $280. We've officially christened the pages of Carey Price, Daniel Alfredsson, and Mats Sundin.

Now, onto the really fun part. We also own the rights to the franchise pages for the Montreal Canadiens and the ottawa senators and we need something to put up there. So I am opening up the floor to you guys until Friday morning to submit suggestions. Keep in mind that there are 255 characters available so don't be afraid to use them all. Drop them in the comments and provide feedback as well. Friday afternoon, if there isn't a clear winner, we'll vote on the best ones.

Some of the changes on the pages that we have sponsored already will take at most a day to update but I didn't put a link to a blog called Leafdom that has a link to the sites of everyone that contributed to the cause. If you don't see your link or didn't provide one just drop me an e-mail and I'll update it as soon as I can.

Congratulations to all who partook in a successful campaign. If you guys want to keep it going then the best way I think to do so would be to have you write a diary promoting your ideal next target and then we can pull together some cash to go after them. Make sure to make a compelling case.