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From The Branches - Update Edition

I have to admit that I am really impressed with everyone here. Responding to sisu's challenge to raise $50 for the Saku Koivu Foundation we've managed to raise $130 so far. Sisu is trying to see if he can match our efforts with donations to Geneva Centre which is one of the charities that the Leafs Fund supports.

In a Project Mayhem update, we are now only $26 short of our $280 goal. The cheques are in the mail and making their way to Hockey-Reference. If you still want to contribute you can send a donation via paypal to my e-mail address or an e-mail money transfer or drop me a line and suggest another way.

In the comments make your suggestions for Mats Sundin's tagline.

As always, here are some articles to help pass the day and if you have any other interesting articles toss them in the comments as well.

  • Tim Wharnsby reports on the Nonis meeting. From that article it sounds like the search committee has a clearly defined roster of targets and an outline on how to pursue them. That is the good news. The bad news is that it is still MLSE making the decisions.

  • Steve looks at the pros and cons of the spate of long-term deals we have seen lately. Mike Richards looks like a great one. Sheldon Souray? Not so much.

  • Kaberle for captain? Sure sounds like he is holding his own at the IIHF tourney. Stralman continues to contribute as the Swedes move into the semis. Imagine if Mats was there. They'd have already won the tournament.