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FTB - Suggestions Welcomed

Sean has gotten the ball rolling in terms of coming up with taglines for both the Montreal Canadiens and the ottawa senators. Make sure to add your ideas in yesterday's post.

In the hockey world last night the Stars won despite one of the most brutal no-goal calls since Kerry Fraser pulled one back as a personal favour to the Islanders two years ago and Canada crushed a bunch of part-timers to set up a semi-final meeting with Anton Stralman and Sweden. I don't have anything to add other than a little disappointment that Canada is done playing in Halifax. The Pepsi Colisee is bigger but I think that after Halifax's great support of the World Juniors they deserved to have the final. Ah well, c'est la vie.

Anyway, here are some interesting links. If you have any you've come across toss them in the comments:

  • Bryan McCabe's barbecue ends with an interesting revelation. Some might call it a bribe but I'd call it the price of doing business.

  • Lowetide references a study done on the draft. 2% end up being elite players. 55% end up being Leaf draftees.

  • Barry Melrose Rocks hands out his playoff beard awards. Personally, if I could grow a beard, I'd show a little more creativity during the playoffs. The Wild Mountain Man has been done. Who remembers the QMJHL team that shaved their beards into weird shapes? That was hilarious.

  • Sweepblog? I hope so. Screw the Flyers.

  • MF37 unveils a new colour coded panic metre. Rather than being used as a propaganda tool this one will be used to fight tools like Adam Proteau who has consistently shown that he knows jack squat about the Leafs.

  • Senators Lost Cojones should be a travel agent. He just sold me on the 2012 IIHF World Championships and Halifax. Sounds like a pretty good way to go.