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FTB - Last Call

While I was pretty happy that my prediction for the Canada game almost came true the Gold Medal match was slightly less fulfilling. And by slightly I mean horrifically so. After watching Canada twice grab a two goal lead the team's decision to sit back and defend cost them a world championship. Special kudos go out to Rick Nash for his penalty in overtime. Visions of glory must have danced in his head as he decided to try to flick the puck past the defender rather than make the hard play to hammer the puck off the boards. He'll be thinking about sitting in the box as Kovalchuk buried the winner for a long time and rightfully so.

Anyway, this is the final FTB on the old platform. Something to peruse after you've made your way back from the cottage:

  • Steve takes a look at the Leafs' coaches over history to dispel the "Coaches' graveyard" myth.

  • Pogge to the rescue? The Marlies are in serious trouble and somehow the goalie of the future remains stapled to the bench. Anyone who mentions Greg Gilbert as a possible head coach should remember this playoff run.

  • He Score! He Shoot! put out their second podcast. If you haven't had a chance to listen to them I highly recommend that you do and then comment on how much you hate Moose. If he ever finds his way to Yonge Street someone might have to collect that $20 bounty on his head.

  • This one's for baseball fans that like to think that the Jays are in a better position than the Leafs. How's year 7 of that 5 year plan going?