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From The Branches

Woo-hoo! The weekend! I am worn out from last night's game so here are some links. Toss in any interesting ones you read in the comments.

  • Rob Of The World has a roundup of the Marlies first round series. Game 1 in round 2 goes tonight at the Ricoh. Expected capacity is about 2,000. Think that tickets might still be too expensive MLSE?

  • This game was not pretty but it didn't get ugly.

  • Mark Zwolinski tells us that Tucker is first in line for a buy-out. Oh brother. Aside from the fact that they should be buying out the medical staff that let him play injured almost the entire year let's not forget that buy-outs will hamper the team just at the point when they are supposed to be competitive once again. Of course the board has approved the move, they are idiots.