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FTB - Snorris Flashbacks

Once upon a time, the Leafs and Red Wings played in the same division. They, along with their divisional buddies, were so terrible that the Norris Division was renamed the Snorris Division.  Last night's second game of the Stanley Cup Final reminded me that the more things change the more they stay the same. Despite talent oozing out of every player the Red Wings have been doing their best New Jersey Devils impression and no surprise, Devils Fans aren't happy. Who can blame them though. If this series had the Devils in it we would be hearing about how they are killing hockey. Anyway, this series is well on its way to an annihilation.

Meanwhile, in the land of open positions, the Leafs are finally going to interview Doug Armstrong. Even more interesting news is that the Leafs are indeed looking to put together a group front office that would split the GM duties and serve as a training ground for possible future GMs like Doug Gilmour and Joe Nieuwnedyk if he comes to Toronto. Not that this enlightened approach will keep the Leafs from making mistakes in the interim as Lance Hornsby tells us that the Leafs will hire a coach before sorting out the front office. And in draft news, Tyler Myers would love to play in Toronto. He's likened to Zdeno Chara but I've also read that he's a bit of a project so I guess that ambiguity makes him perfect for the Leafs.

  • Steve looks at how a group front office can function. It sure looks like the Leafs are looking to go that way. Diversifying responsibilities has certainly worked well for TFC so far this year.
  • Greener agrees that the series is over and cringes at the thought of Osgood winning the Conn Smythe after four shutouts in the Finals in which he has to make a total of 5 difficult saves.
  • Mirtle crunches some numbers that I hope will make the voters realize that Andrew Raycroft could win the cup behind this Wings team.
  • General Borschevsky has an interesting candidate for the Leafs next head coach in mind. Who wouldn't like to see The Thrill back in town?
  • This will make Sean's head explode
  • Late Addition: Sean continues his series The Greatest Obscure Moments in Leafs History with a look at one of Wendel's best fights. Keep your eyes peeled for the pink-shirted guy.