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FTB - Angry Mob Edition

Obviously, the big news in the hockey world are these comments by the greatest Leaf ever Mats Sundin. The quotation that is causing the most consternation is this one:

I'd like to know what's going to happen in the general manager position, whether Cliff (Fletcher) is going to be in charge this year or is there a new guy going to be coming in? I do think that's going to be important. Obviously, what's going to happen in Toronto is going to be very interesting. And it's going to affect my decision in the future.

As a staunch defender of Mats' decision to waive his no-trade clause a huge caveat was that he never play for anyone else in the NHL because that's what he said he wanted. So I'll assume that Mats means that he'll only play elsewhere if the Leafs tell him that he is not wanted at any price and if they do that then they are idiots.

However, if, as has been speculated, he signs with Montreal he'll be dead to me in a way that no athlete has been before. After all of his pleas of undying loyalty to the Maple Leaf signing with the Canadiens would be akin to running over Leafs Nation's dog, punching our old man in the face, and then nailing our hot girlfriend (naturally she still prefers us). This would be like when Alan Smith, a local product of Leeds United, kissed the team's badge, talked about how much he loved the club, and then moved to their hated, hated rivals Manchester United once Leeds was relegated from the Premiership. Actually, Eric Cantona and Rio Ferdinand did the same thing. Maybe they can give us tips on how to burn down traitors' homes.

Of course, we're all getting ahead of ourselves because it's just speculation but if it comes to pass (especially with Montreal) then it'll be interesting to see the reaction and who the Leafs' name as captain to succeed Dougie.

  • Sean's already started the pitchfork and torch gathering process. Don't forget the noose!
  • Damon Allen retired. His press conference was pretty funny. He's tossing his hat into the ring for the Leafs' President/GM job.
  • Greener unearths the Kristen Bell curse. Normally that involves carpal tunnel syndrome and poor social skills but in this case it involved revealing yourself to be a terrible goalie behind an incredible team. Also, the first cover of HS/HS magazine.
  • Pens Win! Thank God. I hate sweeps and I hate Detroit. I am full of hate today.
  • The Omen's mailbox will be amazing today. Sorry, I got distracted looking at that picture of Kristen Bell and forgot to finish writing....amazingly predictable/painful today.