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FTB - Potpourri Edition

I freaking love the old Celebrity Jeopardy skits on SNL. While the show was (is?) in a lull from the glory days (like the Leafs!) these were some of the best skits that they could put together. Except for when they jackass Jimmy Fallon was laughing throughout. Anyway, here are some links. If you come across anything else that's interesting toss it in the comments. Have a good day and begin the countdown to the weekend (7 hours and counting...)

  • Blake Wheeler is a free agent. I wonder if the Leafs might look at bringing this kid into the team. One of Mirtle's commenters is a huge Gophers fan and it sounds like this could be a good gamble for the Leafs.
  • MF37 and Eyebeleaf are on the "Mats can do what he likes" train. They make some solid arguments about contracts and what Mats has earned in Toronto (the right to choose).
  • Sean looks at just what Mats has earned in Toronto. Apparently money doesn't go as far as it used to. He's right though, arguing loyalty is useless because in all of pro sports, the only loyal ones are the diehard fans.
  • Steve goes even further and wonders if there is even a reason to keep Mats. In 15th century Spain he'd be unnaturally elongated.
  • Bettman is a genius! His choice for the owner of Nashville is being investigated but God forbid he sell to Jim Balsillie.
  • Speaking of Balsillie, Canadian teams, per a secret report, make up 31% of league revenues. That includes $1.9 in ticket revenue per game from the Maple Leafs.
  • Cherry hates Crosby and Game 3 beat the Pistons game in Detroit.
  • Et tu Shoaltsy? Following Scott Burnside's embarrassing example Dave is slamming Lemieux.