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From The Branches - Wooo-hoooo!

I am sure most of us were huddled around a television Saturday willing the Flyers to finish off the Canadiens and sure enough the collective willpower of Leafs Nation finally did something useful and ensured that Carey Price's fragile game would burst into flames like so many Montreal police cars. In a span of a few minutes all of the focused rage paid off and the threat of another Canadian team winning the Stanley Cup has been averted for one more season.

I actually find it frustrating to explain to 'Leaf' fans why it is morally reprehensible for them to cheer on other Canadian teams. I try to explain that sports are one of the last refuges of legitimate hate that exists. I point out that rather than welcome your support other fans will use their team's success to browbeat you. I point out that cheering on your rivals goes against the basic tenets of sports and still some don't get it. Jay sums things up for them:

Well, the last Canadian team finally bit it, and I couldn't be happier. The mad cult cheering for the cup to return "home" may never get it, but I'll give it a try: Enduring the relentless hype and bandwagon fandom a Canadian cup run would draw is one thing, but can you imagine if it's one of the other two teams in your own division? Seriously picture that - going into eight games next season hearing "in town to visit the defending Stanley Cup champs / hosting the defending Stanley Cup champs", watching the opening night ceremonies, seeing that banner in the rafters...

As Jay and Loser Domi have pointed out, there is one Canadian team playing and that's the one that is sporting the red maple leaf in Halifax and Quebec. Until that team suits up in the NHL I will never cheer for the Cup to 'return home'. Especially since the Cup lives in Toronto and tours the country during the summers anyway.

So needless to say it was a great weekend and I'll have something amazing (read: written) about the Habs' demise tomorrow which will probably bring out the trolls (if I do it right) so we have that going for us.

Anyway, here are some links to read and remember to toss any that you come across in the comments:

  • Godd Till needs our help! I know that an article by Cox exists stating that Quinn can't relate to younger players. How do I know? Because he says that he's never said it.

  • Enrico finds a marginally funny sign. The one at the bottom was better.

  • Eyebeleaf has video of one of the greatest saves in hockey history. Nabokov's save was the difference between me going to bed around 1130pm and 230am. Thanks buddy.

  • Steve's crusade to get Pogge a start in the AHL playoffs  is failing. To be fair, he's up against epic incompetence. I can't wait to find out that Cassie Campbell will be the Leafs' next GM.

  • Sean drops a bomb! It's optimism week at Down Goes Brown! Although, he's lying because if he was really optimistic he wouldn't be talking about the Trade Deadline except with regard to loading up for the inevitable playoff run ;)