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From The Branches

Just a few links today because I have to finish something up about the Habs ASAP. Remember to toss in any interesting links that you find.

  • Steve's continuing his descent into madness. He must feel like he's taken crazy pills and no one at MLSE is seeing what he sees. Also, he invented the piano key necktie.

  • Greener wonders what Doug Armstrong has to do to get noticed by Kirke and Peddie.

  • Kim Jorn looks in on Macleans to check on the status of their anti-Leafs marketing campaign. Good to see Leaf haters provided such a prominent role. Or it would be if Macleans was relevant.

  • An update on the Brunnstrom Sweepstakes. Not as exciting as the Slide for Stamkos and likely to be just as fruitful but at least if the Leafs win we'll have until Opening Night to crow about it. Then he'll retire after 10 games.

  • Leafs scouts are excited about the team having so many picks. Silly scouts. There is still tonnes of time for those picks to be traded.