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From The Branches - A Call To Arms

Yesterday, I mentioned that, courtesy of Sean, Chemmy, and Mirtle inspiration had struck. Below are the initial fruits of that labour.

For at least the next year, anyone visiting that page will be reminded that the third coming of the rookie goalie saviour was all hat and no cattle. Anyone visiting Wayne Gretzky's page will get a Leafs related surprise. Yesterday I mentioned that I had a surprise (courtesy of Chemmy) in store for today along the lines of the Carey Price sponsorship and that is that Leaf fans own Daniel Alfredsson and Mats Sundin. This means that Leaf fans will decide what both pages will have as their tagline similar to Price's.

Now - this is the call to arms - I wanted to open this idea up to the entire Leaf community. There are numerous targets that we could acquire. Obviously, this takes some funds and I wanted to make this community project. Right now, including two surprises that I have if things go well, my goal is to raise $280. All proceeds will go towards buying sponsorships on Hockey-Reference. My idea for the link that comes with the sponsorship is that it will go to a page that lists all of the Leafs' blogs so if you make a donation and want to participate in the page send me your blog address and I'll include it on the page. Also, once we have the pages paid for we can have a contest to see what the captions will be for Alfie, Mats, and the two surprise sponsorships. Finally, if there are any funds leftover we can run a vote to see who our next target will be. If you are interested in participating you can either send me money via paypal or e-mail money transfer or e-mail me and we can figure out a convenient way. I'll post the totals and receipts to show that all of the money is going towards this great idea.

Update [9:30am] So far, Chemmy, Loser Domi, Eyebeleaf, Sean, Godd and Till, and Greener have all contributed in addition to myself so we are up to $80 out of $280. You could use that $10 towards a pint at the bar or you could donate it knowing that the end result will piss off sens fans for an entire year. I think we all know the smart choice. The beauty is that you don't just have to be a Leafs fan to participate. You just need to hate Alfredsson.

Update [11:46am] Eric McErlain at AOL's NHL FanHouse thinks that Chemmy's plan is sheer brilliance. We are a third of the way towards Phase III of our plan. Is it childish? Sure. Is it hate-driven? Of course. Is this what being a fan is all about? Absolutely.

And for the Chris Pronger haters of the world Greg Wyshynski is offering you the chance to write the caption for Pronger's page. This thing is becoming epic.

  • Steve does a rundown of the rumoured GM candidates. Why doesn't a reporter just admit that they have no clue and basically anyone that's ever worked in the NHL is a candidate regardless of whether they actually meet the criteria set out by the team. Hell, go nuts and include anyone from Europe too.

  • Make your Conference Finals picks here

  • Greener has the transcript of yesterday's news conference.

  • Godd Till has to be on Howard Berger's shit list. Seriously, a Bears jersey? How did Working Class Howard afford that?

  • Gretzky? And he'll bring back Barnett? So, when he was willing to take a paycut to play for the Leafs they said no. Now that he wants to bring his former agent who helped destroy Phoenix and showed no aptitude for management the Leafs will take The Great One? No thanks.

  • They had to wait for a board meeting!?!?! Well, there goes all of my hope for the franchise. Almost all because I kind of trust Uncle Cliff.

  • Want a glimpse of genius? Check out how these guys got booze into the Kentucky Derby. Do they not sell mickeys in the States? Or do they check the crotchal area that diligently?