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From The Branches - The Big Reveal

So we've had back-to-back big days. Wednesday had a hint of what was to come while Thursday unveiled Project Mayhem without the explosions and fights or the blood. Basically, our goal is to buy up rivals, give them funny captions, have them link to Leafs blogs, and then laugh at our rivals when they inevitably get worked up about it.

Things kicked off with the purcahse of this youngster's page:

Our nefarious plot then moved to secure the greatest Maple Leaf ever, Mats Sundin, to safe guard him from opposition fans. Chemmy then made the suggestion that made kicked this plot into high gear: grab Daniel Alfredsson. And we did. Through our fundraising efforts we have now paid for both sponsorships ($80) and we can kick off phase II and I can reveal the two secret targets:

The franchise pages for the Montreal Canadiens and the ottawa senators.

This is huge. This means that no matter what page people go to see whether it's their skater registry, season leaders, career leaders, or any page under the franchise page they will see whatever message we put up. The cost is $200 for the two pages and we already have commitments for $40 so we are just $160 short. Spread the word and help us reach our goal. Anyone that wants to donate can do so via Paypal or can e-mail me to arrange another way via e-mail. The sponshorship comes with a link which I am going to direct to a compilation of links sent in from each person that donates. You can have it link to your blog or to a charity or another page (within reason).

Sean has a roundup of Leafdom's assault and you'll get to see where CoxBloc's cash went. Mirtle is trying to compile the blogosphere's purchases.

So I'll open up the comments to suggestions for Mats and Alfredsson's caption. The limit for the caption is 255 characters so use as little or as much as you'd like. Try to start a new comment thread for each suggestion. If you like it reply to it and if you have a new one post a new comment. That way I can get an idea of which are the most popular and then we can have a run-off vote if needed. Also, Loser Domi needs some help coming up with a caption for Matt Stajan.

As always, here are some links to help pass the day:

  • Chemmy follows this phenomenon to its hilarious ends. Possibly the funniest thing I've read in a long long time. For the record, I wasn't belittling, I was being facetious!

  • MF37 has an amazing piece on hope and Maple Leaf fans and it doesn't end with the conclusion that there is none. Great way to start the day.

  • Sean did it! A perfectly logical and optimistic post to end optimism week. I knew he had it in him.

  • Steve joins MF37 in frustration about how the sports media in this city (and country) can cherry pick facts and their editors turn a blind eye. Remember when editors used to actually do work? Yeah, me neither.

  • Greener and Moose have a podcast. I haven't listened to it yet but after reading that description I can't wait to go on living my life.

  • Tim Wharnsby finally puts those Ken Holland rumours. Will anyone in the Toronto media listen? My guess is no.