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FTB - Groundhog Day

So I guess today marks the beginning of the Ron Wilson era. Yesterday covered the view from San Jose and the hope that his player development skills have not been overblown. The quotation in the fanshot below shows that Wilson is coming into this situation with his eyes open and considering how frustrating it was to see everyone in the organization looking out for number one this bit is encouraging:

Scrutiny from the outside is irrelevant. You need consensus in the inside. We need to stick together and we need to buy into the plan. It might take two years, but everybody from the scouting staff to the general manager to the coach has to stick together for a long time.

Godd Till is back from hibernation and hits on something that I was thinking this morning as I wondered why I couldn't see more than 6 inches out of my window:

And isn't there something kinda perfect about a Canadian team hated by 75% of Canada being coached by a Canadian-born guy who hates the whole damn country? If we're gonna be the villains, might as well be led by a hard-nosed bastard who will make the heel turn official.

The Leafs have not been cutthroat enough (other than with the fans) during this barren run. Even the Israelites managed to find the Promised Land quicker. So why not do all that they can, within the rules, to get Burke. If being told that he is their top pick and finding an old friend as coach entices him then keep reminding him that the position is free. There is nothing wrong with mentioning to the media who you would love to have be the next GM. Threats of punishment are moot if there is no transgression.

Speaking of the media Steve wades into Brophy's mess of a column and takes a look at the number of players under 24 that each team has used. Did you know that Chicago has already completed a youth movement? Me neither. I must have forgotten the Stanley Cup that they won that year.

In other news, the CTV bought the rights to the HNiC theme and people's reactions range from rage to shock. Wyshynski!'s post had a link to a list of the top 5 possible replacement songs but I think it has to be the song that gets played already (Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting) and yes, it's the Nickelback version.

Oh yeah. I walked down College last night and it was eerily quiet. Any ideas why? Up the Oranje!