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Barilkosphere Honoured

The 2008 We Bleed Teal Bloggies were given out today in a star-studded affair that featured Emilio Estevez, Tiger Woods, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan. A lot of deserving awards were given out but the most highlight of the post came when the Barilkosphere (TM Chemmy) won for our continued dedication.

"Rick Astley Memorial" Award- In honor of those who are never going to give you up, let you down, run around or desert you, this award is presented to the entire Toronto Maple Leafs blogosphere. I'm not sure how you men and women do it, but the dedication to your franchise is something to behold.

Congratulations to the Barilkosphere (and in case you haven't visited these sites before you really should) which has grown over the past year (and shrunk - come back Ninja!) and will hopefully provide all of us a refuge from the storm that will be the next couple of seasons: