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FTB - Busy Day Edition

Is there any worse feeling in the world on a Sunday morning than hearing a four-year old screaming your name at 7am after about 5 hours of sleep? You can't ignore the kid because he's already said your name about 30 times and he's four so he won't lose steam. You can't hit him because it's not your kid and his dad is bigger than you. You can't move to another room because he'll hunt you down. Instead, you wake up and spend Monday exhausted.

Add in a busy day at work and you update the site around 3pm. C'est la vie.

  • Mirtle looks at potential buy-outs across the NHL. The post below looks at the Leafs' and punches some holes in the thoughts of those that imagine seeing half the team bought out.
  • Trade the 7th overall pick? Steve wants a king's ransom. At least three first rounders would be a nice deal. Or two and a bag of hockey pucks and you have to take Bryan McCabe.
  • Greener wants you to vote in a sexiest goalie poll. Moose obviously held a gun to head to get him to write that post. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • David Johnson looks at the UFA defencemen market. The Leafs' management team can ignore this post.
  • Speaking of Leafs' management, the Leafs hired Al Coates ... from Anaheim. Oh brother, let's not make things too obvious eh boys?
  • JP wishes us luck with Ron Wilson. No, really, the good kind of luck :)
  • Mirtle v. Sharkspage over Nabokov's failure to win the Vezina.