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FTB - Witchhunt Edition

Ok, who voted 'No' in the poll below? I can't actually hunt you down and fly you off the former Soviet Union countries for you to be tortured like the President but I'd be interested in knowing what your rationale was for denying Gilmour entry to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, the players that are up for induction next year will make things tough on those that missed out this year. Pierre LeBrun wonders just how long they'll have to wait because Luc Robitaille is up for induction. What? How can Ciccarelli be out in the cold while Robitaille is a slam dunk?

On the draft front, Trader Cliff is still keeping his eyes peeled and Mike Gillis is willing to move his # 10 pick for a top six forward. Now, where do the Leafs have one of those lying around? I swear we had one last year that could be moved for that pick. I think he's Swedish and bald.

  • Leafs History time: Joe Pelletier looks at Buzz Boll and the legend of Shrimp McPherson.
  • Eyebeleaf enjoyed the demolition of the Lakers (who didn't?) and found a heartening message for Leaf fans.

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