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From The Branches

Just links this morning. Oh, and a nod to TFC who won on the weekend to stretch their home unbeaten streak to six games (four wins and two ties) in front of their boisterous crowd. While the team has improved significantly it was shorn of a few starters and still played like world beaters. I wonder if the home field advantage has anything to do with affordable tickets and a low corporate presence. Does MLSE share info across it's divisions?

  • MF37 makes a good point: Tucker owes Leaf fans a lot too. Maybe him and Sundin can get together and work out what's best for us and do it.
  • Steve Simmons' article, I will assume based on precedent, is all lies. To think that Mats wouldn't understand why the Leafs wanted to trade him one day and extend him the next (this became public? When?) is preposterous. Basically, he just called Mats stupid.
  • Steve ponders what Sportsnet's report about Ron Wilson being interviewed by the Leafs might mean.
  • Sean's on my wavelength. Even if Maurice got canned if the Leafs can't talk to Nieuwendyk then the Panthers should not be allowed to speak with Maurice.
  • Stephen Brunt, possibly Canada's best sports reporter, labels the Bettman era a complete and abject failure. Not the most groundbreaking report but it needs to be re-iterated.