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Open Thread - Vacation Announcement

The life of a Leaf fan is not always gloom and doom. Granted, it's mostly gloom and doom. This evening's entry draft could provide an instance of when the sun can shine on the visage of long-suffering followers of the blue and white. For me, the next three weeks will be filled (hopefully) with sun, sand, adult beverages, and scantily clad women as I depart on a trip through the Mediterranean Sea which apparently has a lot of other names according to that map.

Never fear though, the site will be in good hands. Chemmy, Greener, and MF37 will be splitting the editing duties. I hear that Chemmy has an epic introductory post and he has already outlined his platform. The beauty of the new platform is that while this murderer's row of guest bloggers will keep things ticking over with their unique approaches to suffering the rest of you have ample opportunity to keep the site up to date. FanShots are a great place to post breaking news, favourite videos, interesting links, or hilarious images. FanPosts are there for longer items. For example, a re-writing of a popular movie's theme song or for posting your thoughts on the Leafs' draft picks/trades. I'll probably drop in one in a while just to make sure that Chemmy hasn't moved the site to but you guys basically have the run of the place anyway.

Back to the draft, Wyshynski! has a round up of mock drafts and here are the results for the Leafs' 7th pick:

Projected Leaf Picks
My NHL Draft Mikkel Boedker
Draft Nation Cory Hodgson
The Hockey News Cory Hodgson
The Milford Daily News Alex Pietrangelo
The National Post Nikita Filatov
TSN Mikkel Boedker
Illegal Curve Luke Schenn
NHL Draft Site Kyle Beach
Sportsnet Mikkel Boedker

Update: JP passed along this aggregator of mock drafts. Wow.

So, consider this my last post (time permitting) before my vacation so sit back, enjoy the day, use this as an open thread to post news, and try not to think too hard about the beautiful European women (NSFW) that I'll be meeting.