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Draft Open Thread - Goodbye Stranger?

Wow, what a time to go on vacation. Mats Sundin might finally be fetching the Leafs some assets as it's clear that he will not be returning to Toronto. The Habs' pick 25th overall so it would give the Leafs two picks in the first round or some additional leverage to move up into the top 6 of the draft.

For those of you following the draft with a laptop handy feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss the picks as they are made and any trades that might come down the pike.

Update: No trade for Mats yet - the 25th pick went to Calgary in the Tanguay deal - but the Leafs move conditional picks to the Islanders in order to move up 2 spots to pick up Luke Schenn. Quite a bold move by Fletcher to get the Leafs into the realm of the 'sure thing' (as much as they can be when talking about a draft pick).

He's just the kind of defenceman that the Leafs need. What a great pick.