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FTB - Could I Trouble You For Some Draft Coverage?

Ladies and Gentlemen, (and of course by "ladies and gentlemen" I mean loser domi and the rest of you uncultured swine), something big happened at the Pension Plan Puppets office last night. One might think that the NHL draft was the biggest thing that happened last night, some of you may have even heard that the Toronto Maple Leafs drafted a good prospect instead of trading it to get Borje Salming again. Unfortunately the big change here at PPP Heavy Industries is that until further notice Greener, MF37 and I will be running this show.


Now you will go to sleep continue reading this post for links, or I will put you to sleep make you watch a complete Minnesota Wild game. See the name tag grandma? You're in Hal's world now.

Last night the Leafs actually traded up a pick as the Silver Fox put the Leafs in position to draft exactly the player the Leafs need, a hard hitting defenseman who occasionally punches people in the face. This anti-Bryan McCabe is called Luke Schenn.



  • Luke Schenn's HockeyDB Profile
  • Sean, over at DownGoesBrown, compares fact and fiction in regards to The Love Guru
  • Steve doesn't think trading a draft pick for a 33 year old while rebuilding is a good idea. Perhaps the Leafs just needed to make one "Leafs" draft day move so they could get it out of their system and do a good job the rest of the weekend.
  • Mirtle has coverage of all of the big trades that went on yesterday.

Finally, some pictures that will really get your motor running:




Thanks for reading this far, I hope you're all not too worried about the fact that "going on vacation" is secret code for "we stole PPP's blog".

- Chemmy

[Note by Chemmy, 06/21/08 10:53 AM EDT ] The Leafs have drafted Jimmy Hayes, a 6'5" 210lb American player committed to Boston College next year.

[Note by Chemmy, 06/21/08 11:54 AM EDT ] The Leafs draft Mikhail Stefanovich 98th overall. I made a video for him:


Mikhail Stefanovich (via Noyo182)

[Note by Chemmy, 06/21/08 1:57 PM EDT ]

With the 128th through 130th picks, the Leafs select: D Greg Pateryn (USHL Ohio), C Joel Champagne (QMJHL Chicoutimi), and L Jerome Flaake (Germany Koln).

[Note by Chemmy, 06/21/08 2:02 PM EDT ]

With the 158th pick, Toronto drafts future Boston University (ed note: my alma mater) goaltender Grant Rollheiser.

And presumably with their final pick in the draft the Leafs select 17 year old defenseman Andrew MacWilliam out of the AJHL.