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Draft Perspective - The Day After the Day After

I bought a car a couple of years ago that was really, really nice. Like, by far the nicest one I'd ever had. I was lucky enough to be in a position where I could get something great for myself and was going to take full advantage. After all, I deserved it. I'd suffered enough! I proudly drove it home and parked it in my garage. I stood and stared at it for a while, and then went inside. An hour later, I felt a creeping dread begin to seep into my psyche. Questions began to arise in me: What did I just do? Did I make the right choice? How much did it just cost me?!?

The day after the day after the Leafs just went out and got a little something they deserved; something big, strong and impressive, I'm happy to say that the only questions creeping into my psyche are, "did I leave the oven on?" and "will I ever find true love?"

Not one bit of buyers remorse as I look at the newest in a long line of studs to pull on a Leafs sweater, the pride of Saskatoon and now my heart, Luke Schenn. I want to state right here and now, that I am about to coin a phrase which I predict Leaf Nation will/should adopt to her collective heart. Here goes: On this day, the day after the day after, is the start of the new LEAFS SCHENN-TURY (TM). I know, you're dazzled, and you're thinking, "why didn't I think of that?!" Well, they said that about Jackson Pollock too, and now you're saying it about me. This, my friends, really is the start of the new Leafs Schenn-tury (TM), and the sooner we all get behind it and him, the sooner we can all stop complaining about giving up a third-rounder for Jamal Mayers. Trust me, the first time Jamal kicks the Jesus Christ out of Chris Phillips, each and every one of us will be yelling who the hell is James Livingston?

Incidentally, besides me, you and everyone we know, there will be a few other participants in the new Leafs Schenn-tury (TM), as Cliff Fletcher went out and did the best job anyone's ever done within the walls of the compound they call the City of Ottawa. Cliff made some smart draft choices. Steve dissects them for us from the Leafs second pick, Jimmy Hayes on down. Of particular interest to me is 98th overall pick, Quebec Remparts center Mikhail Stephanovich. Here's a guy who earns high praise from coach Patrick Roy, but who fell way down the draft table in spite of his terrific skill due to concerns about his work ethic. My first thought goes, "the Leafs already have that guy, and his locker says K. Wellwood". But then I see that Stephanovich is 6'2 and weighs 202 lbs while Kyle looks up to Michael J. Fox, literally, and can eat his weight in Doritos (122 lbs), so I'm cool with that for now. He's a project that maybe some strong coaching will really help. And by the by, the Leafs have that now.

In the Great Minds... category, Sean and I had the exact same sense of disgust for the savages who populated that rink in that field in Kanata on Friday, who joyfully booed their snouts off while an 18 year-old boy was about to have all his dreams come true. I guess when you live in that city and your wildest fantasy is "to get down to 300 by Remembrance Day", who cares what someone who actually deserves some respect gets. Sean adds a further dimension to it by calling them on their own hypocrisy. Also: take heart that the Senators drafted a bunch of dwarves into their organization. I don't want to say they're small, but they're available for $4.99 at Red Lobster for a limited time only.