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FTB - Hopefully Mirtle's Right

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"Just when I think you couldn't be any stupider, you go out and do something like that... and totally redeem yourself."

  • Mirtle has a good write up about why he thinks the Mayers move is a solid one. Plus he reveals Mayers' nickname: "GQ".
  • loser domi continues her quest for this year's Barilkosphere Pulitzer.
  • Sean gives us a pair: his draft weekend wrapup and a nice shot at the Dynasty That Never Was.
  • Greener (whoever that is) wants us all to avoid his blog like the plague.
  • Jared runs a joke into the ground, right on Schenn-dule.
  • Marian Hossa elects for free agency. Open the pocketbooks MLSE, send Blake to the Marlies if we need cap room. (Hint: maybe Sundin would actually like a talented winger.)
  • The Leafs are set to announce Tim Hunter and Rob Zettler as assistant coaches. (Hat tip to hk for the link.)