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FTB - Don't Get Injured on the Leafs or You'll Lose Your Job

I've been staring at the screen for a while thinking of what to write here, but a lot of stuff doesn't make sense to me. In the case of Kyle Wellwood, why bother waiving an RFA? The only way that's a good move is if Fletcher is trying to get Wellwood to take league minimum, but even then, what's the point? To save $400,000? To motivate him in some way?

  • Greener wrote an excellent post that sums up my feelings about Darcy Tucker's buyout.
  • Sean wins a prestigious award, and weighs in on Tucker.
  • Navin says goodbye.

Read on for my message to Cliff Fletcher.


Hey Fletcher, remember this?


That was the last time that people didn't call our team a joke.