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FTB - Read This Blog Post, Or Don't Bother Coming Back

You just know that somewhere, right now, John Ferguson Jr. is paying too much for car insurance. He must be, because he's paid too much for everything else. The aftermath of his regime is one of the Leafs desperately paddling for shore to get a breather, and then see how much money they'll have to shell out for the privilege. Ultimately of course, it's we Leafs fans who end up paying most dearly. Because long after JFJ, Bryan McCabe, Andrew Raycroft, Ed Belfour, etc. etc. are long gone, we'll all still be here hoping that the latest management moves don't threaten our chances of coming in 8th.

The latest cleaver to be juggled is the way that Cliff Fletcher's office is (reportedly) handling the Bryan McCabe negotiations. Ha, did I say negotiations? I meant sharp stick in the eye. McCabe, a long time soldier who signed a contract in good faith (like we all wanted him to at the time), has had the gaul to say he -gasp- loves Toronto and wants to remain a Leaf! Why that son-of-a-bitch!


Regardless of what we think of McCabe, who two years ago was an all-star and a Canadian Olympian, you have to be freaked out at the way the Leafs are (reportedly) telling him that he'd better waive his NTC or begin to go fuck himself come September. I mean, really Cliff? I understand that Fletcher was dead serious when he said that there were to be MAJOR line-up changes in the summer. But this is a serious case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. Coming to Toronto isn't necessarily every free agents dream come true (have you never heard of Columbus, Ohio?), and now the team is (reportedly) embarrassing a respected veteran player (and former player rep). Yeah, great. This'll really help lure in the big fish. If McCabe doesn't want to be traded, and a buy-out is prohibitively expensive, then just bite down and allow him the bounce-back season he's due for. Then try the trade route and get something better for him, or enjoy the return of a great player (reportedly). 

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