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FTB - Conspiracy Theory Edition

Sometimes coincidences are just coincidences and some times they are part of a massive worldwide conspiracy for global domination. While I previously thought that the people charging the Leafs with tampering were running around tilting at windmills it looks like maybe the Leafs' do have a grand scheme in place. MF37 looks at the Leafs' process thus far and it sure looks like the Leafs are trying to make Toronto the prime destination for Brian Burke. If the CBC rolls out the red carpet for his wife then I think we can count on Burkie coming to the Vatican. Shoalts is on the same page and I love the image of Fletcher walking into the GM meetings, announcing that he has to meet with a coach, and then running away.

Now, the real question is whether Ron Wilson is a good coach for the Leafs. Sean likes the idea of an asskicker being in charge and wonders if that might make things uncomfortable enough for some of the NTC/NMC crew to leave. How often will McCabe want to see his name on the whiteboard being blamed for a loss before he gives in? Lowetide thinks it would be a good hire and that should be of some comfort. Wyshynski! hits on something that MF37 touched on and that's Ron Wilson's tactical abilities. As much as opposition fans love to slam the Leafs they have the pieces in place for a killer PP. Before Wellwood's injury two years ago they were top 5 in the league. In Quinn's last year they were just as good. If he can replicate his PK success then the Leafs suddenly don't look that bad.

Reporters will be hammering away at Wilson's record in San Jose for the next few days and will probably make a joke or two similar to Greener's about his lack of post-season success. Things that they likely won't mention:

  • 1996 World Cup of Hockey victory over a stacked Canadian team
  • 1998 run to the Stanley Cup Final with the Washington Capitals
  • Great regular season record with those same San Jose Sharks
  • How other great coaches have come up short with great teams before finally winning the Cup (Scotty Bowman - Red Wings, Mike Babcock? - Red Wings, Ken Hitchcock - Dallas Stars)

Steve also tosses in Wilson's player development skills as a plus for a club that is looking to go super young. Of course, I agree that in a perfect world the Leafs would have a full-time GM in place but it's undeniable that the Leafs are a stronger team with this signing. If Nonis ends up signing and Burke finds his way across the border then the Leafs suddenly have a braintrust that puts The Omen's suggestion in the shade. Yikes, looks like he agrees with the Barilkosphere! Time to go take a shower.