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FTB - Patience Edition

So it looks like we'll have to be patient with Ron as he has to discuss the opening with his wife in South Carolina. I tend to agree with the suggestion that the Leafs do not want to usurp the Stanley Cup Final with an announcement and press conference. They would not want to be like that jerk A-Rod that decided to opt out of his contract and announced it in the middle of a freaking World Series game.

Anyway, I am going to assume that it's a done deal because this is Toronto and no Canadian would pass this job up. Oh yeah, turns out Wilson is not only Canadian but he's a Judas like Brett Hull. I am going to put my feelings of national pride aside for the greater good but I would rather not have learned that fact. I'll have some reaction from Sharks bloggers in the coming days and hopefully they'll help paint a clearer picture of the man that will be molding the Leafs' young players.

Onto the links and remember to toss any of your own into the comments:

  • What a surprise, TSN's new NHL deal hinged on getting lots of Leafs games. Can the rest of Canada just accept that they get the highest ratings and stop whining about Leafs overload?
  • Steve wonders why Ron Wilson would not jump at the opportunity and highlights an old quotation that makes you wonder if he's actually that interested.
  • Chemmy brings up an odd quirk about this year's SCF.
  • Eyebeleaf has the Audacity of Hope for the Leafs. Also, f*ck Hillary Clinton.
  • Sean perfects his Kerry Fraser picture.