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FTB - Mailing It In

One of the great features of the new SBN platform is that I can schedule posts to run at any time in the future. In fact, the "LEAFS WIN STANLEY CUP!" post is ready to run at 1:36am (it's game 7 in overtime in case you were wondering) on June 8th, 2012. So this piece, while appearing sometime Saturday morning, was written sometime Friday afternoon/evening. This will be huge when I go on vacation this summer but that's a whole other post. Anyway, instead of laying dormant on a Saturday out of a mixture of sloth, lack of internet access, and sloth here are some links to check get you through your day.

  • Steve confirms out initial thoughts on Stapleton: short, light, and skilled. Nothing like taking a flier on a player.
  • The Muppet has entirely different take that is basically "another 4th liner?"
  • Euro 2008 starts this morning! Get ready to fight your football-phobe friends over what's more important: some stupid golf tournament or a quadrennial exhibition of Europe's best football. Deadspin gives you a comprehensive preview and David Hirshey, late of Deadspin, gives it a crack for ESPN. Whatever you do don't talk up Spain. They are going to break your heart. And pray that Italy or Portugal doesn't win. I need all the help I can get.
  • Chris Bosh is funny! Vince Carter would have gotten injured doing that bit.
  • Who's going to replace Will Leitch? Lately a lot of the work has been farmed out so I wonder if you'll notice the change but there are some good candidates.
  • Purely puerile video of the day. I agree. Let's get 24/7 coverage of her hula-ing.