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FTB - Lazy Sunday

Disappointing start to Euro. The host Swiss got screwed (maybe they should have talked to the South Koreans beforehand) and Portugal won their game. Today the Poles get to try to earn some measure of revenge for the Blitzkrieg while their fans can try to surpass the Germans as the best hooligans in the world behind the British. That should be televised. Anyway, here are some links as we wait for Ron Wilson to be announced as the Leafs' new coach.

  • How is Sean Avery's internship going? Well Loser Domi has the inside scoop. I see where Sean's head is at. Two attractive young ladies were holding hands in the elevator. They're a couple right? My roommate disagrees but that has to be solid proof. Am I right?
  • RudyKelly cannot emphasise enough that other athletes are pansies. Seriously, golfers, basketball players, and tennis players (to name a few) should never mention hockey unless it's to worship at the altar of its awesomeness. Oh yeah, and baseball players should have to play in skirt. Blisters keep them out of games.
  • Puck Daddy reminds us that NHL '09 is out soon. Just a few months until I lead the Leafs to 10 straight Stanley Cups and win 9 Conn Smythes.
  • My archnemesis has a post up about the Red Wings. I had no idea Moose wanted to have Conklin drawn and quartered with his head at the foot of Yonge Street so that he'll forever be able to find it.
  • Sean thinks HNiC and the theme song writer (seriously, that'll likely be her epitaph) are playing us for fools. Personally, if it's not the theme song then I want Satuday Night by Nickelback. I know, I know, but that version almost makes up for the rest of their career. Almost.