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Leafs Acquire Ryan Hollweg

Trader Cliff strikes again. This time he's moved the pick that came to the Leafs in the Hal Gill trade to pick up the 25 year old son of a Brazilian father and Canadian mother. His name probably sounds familiar in that 'I just can't put my finger on it' kind of way. Click through and you'll see the defining moment of his career thus far.

That's right, he was the human t-ball that Chris Simon opened up on to earn one of the longest suspensions in league history. This pick up helps make the team younger and tougher but definitely adds nothing to the offence. This season Leaf fans will probably be very confused as the team in blue and white will be throwing bodychecks and starting (and hopefully winning) fights.

Of course, this is yet another 3rd/4th liner on the squad but at least this one does not have a guaranteed spot on the roster. While last year the forward spots were essentially set it appears that there will be a lot of competition at training camp.

And what do Rangers fans think of the move? Ridiculously happy which can't be good for the Leafs:

trench23, HFBoards

While I understand everyone who hated the bad untimely penalties (trust me, I did too), i felt the first year and a half of hollweg (maybe even the first full 2) were pretty good.. remember he was part of our 'hmo' line. he is a very fast skater, hard on the forecheck, just couldnt put his scoring touch in the NHL.. i think also the colin campbell 'watch list' hurt his game significantly, as you didnt see hollweg throw the hits we were used to seeing. thought he did well in his time here, but it was time to move on, and this is more than a fair deal for us.
And his gag book title? Stickhandling for Success by Ryan Hollweg

Oh shit. At least team's dancing will improve.
7:34PM Oh Dear God Update:

If he can't score, check or fight, why does he have an NHL roster spot?

I honestly can't tell you because it's something that other Rangers fans and I have been trying to figure out for years. My explanation is he must have pictures of Tom Renney and Glen Sather doing something dirty together.

(via NYRFAN and Puck Daddy)