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FTB - Fan Related Announcement Edition

In just over an hour the Leafs are going to make a 'fan related announcement' and have been using Matt Stajan to promote the event using his special deadpan delivery method. Of course, considering the only way that you can go to a Leafs' game is to have had one forward looking grandfather or to have the cash to splash out on the pricey ducats why make the announcement at 11am on a Wednesday?

I live two blocks from the ACC and would love to have gone to see the announcement but sadly I have to work (not all of the time obviously) or I'll go hungry. How many rabid Leaf fans will be refreshing the official website to read the story or logging into the video portal to watch it live while hoping that their boss will not choose that moment to stroll by their desk/office? Not as many as there would be if the Leafs had a coherent communications strategy which is where MF37 comes in. Fresh off of another brilliant piece in which he handed Berger, Cox, Simmons et al nine topics to fill their notebook over the summer he is now giving the lazy louts at MLSE a free dose of his professional advice in:

ten ways the Leafs could revamp LeafsTV, update their web-presence and easily provide more viable, unfiltered and interesting alternative information for their fans and reduce/supplant the role of the increasingly adversarial, cranky and ineffective media.

MF37 even made sure to account for ways to eliminate troublesome writers with his tenth point. The plan would definitely go a long way towards 're-shaping the Leafs Media Environment' and I wonder if maybe MLSE is looking to hire a consultant to put the plan into place. He does not write nearly often enough to suit my appetite but when he does it's invariably worth taking the time to read and digest.

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