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FTB - Barilkosphere Update

When I stated this little corner of the interwebs over two years ago there were a couple of websites that got me going. I've mentioned before that the Battle of Alberta (mostly) and their progeny played a massive part in my decision to start this obsession. There were a few lonely bloggers covering the Leafs as the Barilkosphere was miniscule compared to other teams'. MF37 and Ninja  were carrying a heavy burden.

However, in the last year (and especially the last couple of months) there has been an explosion in the number of sites. Joining the group therapy offered by the internet were Loser Domi, Chemmy, Greener, Eyebeleaf, and JaredFromLondon as well as recent newcomers like General Borschevsky, The Ballad of Wendel Clark, and Torontosportsmedia. One site popped up to try to keep the local media honest and they did an amazing job of fighting the good fight but today it looks like they've run into their Battle of Isandlwana. They can no longer stand up to the withering barrage of media incompetence on their own as the Sisyphus-like repetition was draining their souls. Luckily for us, their wrestling metaphors will live on in the Barilkosphere but in some sort of less depressing fashion. So no more "Man, I'd love to skewer this article but I don't want Cox Bloc to send me an angry e-mail about stepping on their toes". You can feel free to unload on the media and maybe as a group we can have our own Rorke's Drift.

Also, I am updating the blogroll for Leaf sites so if you aren't included drop a link in the comments. Onto the links: