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Toronto Maple Leafs 2008-2009 Schedule

The Leafs open the season in Detroit October 9th as the poor saps that get to watch the Stanely Cup banner go up in the rafters.

Their home opener comes two days later in a HNiC (new theme included) matchup with the Montreal Canadiens.

The Leafs will make a trip through Western Canada to bestow sellouts on the locals and pick up six points on November 11 in Calgary, November 13 in Edmonton, and the much awaited matchup with Kyle Wellwood on November 15 in Vancouver. They return the favour on three Saturday nights (that new theme better be great) February 21 (Vancouver) when Wellwood will make his return to the press box in the ACC, March 7 (Calgary) and March 14 (Edmonton).

Jeff Finger makes his return to Colorado on January 29 while Niklas Hagman hosts his former mates just prior to Christmas on December 23rd.

Other notable dates after the jump:

Battle of Ontario

In Toronto - October 25, January 3, April 11 (last game of the year)

In ottawa - November 27, February 28, March 9

The annual "Fill Scotiabank more than usual and embarass local fans" game has been scheduled for February 28's matchup which falls on a Saturday.

Battle to Ruin the Centenary

In Toronto - October 11, November 8, April 4

In Montreal - January 8, February 7, March 21

Battle of Newfound Friendships

In Toronto - December 6, March 24

In Washington - December 28, March 5

The full schedule for the Leafs' 2008-2009 season is available here.

Which games are you most looking forward to (relatively speaking) and which are you dreading? What do you think of the new schedule?