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FTB - Participation Edition

From the "Stop Reading My Mind" files, MF37 has put up a post that is exactly what I had hoped to do today. He's curious as to how everyone became a fan of the Maple Leafs. His is a not uncommon tale of fandom as the Leafs are down to geography, the Cardinals come from souvenirs, and the Giants because of Oedipal desires to show up his old man.

My story is not that different. I was lucky enough that my family has the foresight to emigrate to Toronto in the 70s long before I was even a gleam in my father's eye. Wanting to meld Canadian culture to our South American roots as quickly as possible (what ever happened to that?) the family began a love affair of the team that would quickly reach the sort of irrationally passionate levels that we usually reserve for soccer teams. My earliest memories of following the team involve watching a horrible team get shellacked and trying to defend them against critics. So I was born to deal with seasons like we've suffered through lately.

My obsession with Liverpool began with this goal and Toronto FC's birth gave me my own football club to follow.

In the dog days of summer while we wait for Sundin to make up his mind and wonder when training camps will open I think putting your own 'Origins of Fandom' story into a fanpost would be a great way for everyone to introduce themselves to the group. I'd especially be interested in hearing from everyone that's not a regular commenter (but you guys too!) and our European visitors. Label the fanpost 'Origins of Fandom' and let everybody know how you managed to latch on to hockey's equivalent of the wandering Israelites.

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