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FTB - Everybody Loves/Hates Mats?

So apparently there is a perfectly good explanation for the story coming out of Sweden: their version of Eklund has a better reputation. Or it's the freaking Commies' fault. the poll results probably skewed the way you could expect them to with about a quarter of the people taking the "I cheer for only Leafs and no one else approach", a quarter not really caring so far, and about half that take the "I respect the history of players' service for my team" approach which is led by Eyebeleaf who wishes Mats all the best wherever he ends up. All are valid viewpoints. My hot-tempered hispanic blood does not allow me to recognize any player after they start wearing another club's laundry. The best I can do is not wish them any actual harm.

Hell, CuJo re-signing in Toronto is a big problem for me because I have been hating him since he let that rat bastard Don Meehan convince him to go to Detroit. When he fell on his face in the Motor City that crazy cackle you heard was me laughing at the unexpected success of my CuJo voodoo doll. Seeing him relegated to playing in Phoenix and being the back-up brought a big smile to my face.

So if Mats signs elsewhere then I will start referring to Darryl Sittler as the Leafs' all-time goals and points leader and will help MLSE scour any remnant of Sundin's history from the ACC just like the Pharoah's used to do. Of course, if he retires or re-signs then we're still good.

Anyway, on to the links while remembering that nothing helps pass the time on a Monday better than reminiscing about how you became a Leafs fan: