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FTB - Honouring Edition

The Leafs have announced through their MySpace page that they will be honouring two legends of Leafdom: Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour. I would guess that for anyone in the 23-33 age range these two represent two thirds of the triumvirate of great captains that we have been lucky enough to see suit up for the Leafs. Both were able to marry the gritty edge that would have made Leaf fans love them regardless with an ability to put points on the board.

Two of my favourite memories of Wendel demonstrate what a beast of a hockey player he was when healthy which sadly was never often enough. I think it was the first hit I saw but it's that famous clip from Rock'em Sock'em II when he catches a poor St. Louis Blues player coming around the net and basically ends his life. I didn't know people could hit that hard. The second was in the 93 playoffs against the Blues when he took Cujo's helmet off with a slapshot. I didn't know people could shoot that hard.

As for Dougie, his legacy was cemented in 1993. From tying game 7 against the Red Wings (I had dozed off!) to the wraparound goal against the Blues in game 1 to challenging the entire Kings bench to a fight I have never seen a player so determined to do whatever it took regardless of the potential harm to his well being in order to win in the playoffs. When he was traded back from the Habs in 2003 even the most cynical of my Leaf fan friends were buzzing with excitement at the prospect of seeing Killer in the blue and white again. The way it ended was a crushing blow to everyone.

It's hard to pick favourite memories but while you're polishing up your Origins of Fandom fanpost toss up a fanshot with your favourite YouTube video of Wendel and Dougie.

Links and my choices come after the jump.

 Wendel teaches McSorley not to touch Killer 

 Dougie Highlight Reel with St. Louis goal at the end