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FTB - (Almost) Sweet Release Edition

I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointing last night's TFC game was...actually, look at who I am talking to...if anyone understands it's you guys (and girls!). Against Montreal, of all teams, they just had to win to become Canadian Champions. They went up 1-0 and the crowd was going absolutely insane and then disaster struck: an equalizer. Of course, TFC has 65 minutes (plus injury time) to get another and were controlling the play but with a Kaberle-like aversion to shooting and a Jason Blake-esque miss by my new most hated SOB Jeff Cunningham in the 89th minute TFC was denied celebrating its first championship in history.

Seriously, Cunningham had the ball in front of an empty net 3 feet away from the goalline and didn't score. It's one of the few instances when you could say "Man, I would have scored that one" about a play by a professional player and would be right. I can't wait to see him join Bryan McCabe on the first thing smoking out of the city. Aaaaanyway....

It looks like our long Leafs Nation nightmare will soon end: Mats Sundin will decide on his future August 1st. About freaking time. So we won't mention it again for seven days. And then we'll get a break until next summer.

Now that that is out of the way we can go on to some links to pass the day. Remember to toss in any that you come across in the comments:

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