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FTB - Dog Days of Summer

You know that there is not much news in the hockey world when the New York Times devotes an entire article to Howard Berger (do the FHF know that the NYT calls their first post of the day The Morning Skate?). They manage to make the usual mistake that draws reproachful head shakes from MF37 by equating the number of comments on Howard's blog posts with his quality of writing and the devotion of his fans.

In the sporting world, TFC provides the only distraction (and following another last minute loss last night it's not a very good distraction) from the fact that the Jays (as much as their fans want to deny it) are destroying any chance at moving AJ Burnett by creating the impression that they are in the playoff race. Then again, it's not like teams are giving up great prospects for middling players. Wait, they are? Well, good thing that JP isn't making the trade since he would probably screw it up anyway.

Oh, and Mats might not make up his mind August 1st. Anyway, here are some links to read while we pray for training camp to start: