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Leafs (blog) Unveils New Signing

While general managers around the league are on vacation I have been busy looking to bring in some fresh faces for the new season. Mostly because I already went on vacation in July. Luckily, most bloggers shut it down during the off-season but not Leafers! Probably because there is so little to look forward to that we want to fill up on the time when the Leafs are in first place in the league. But I digress from discussing the Franklin Expedition-like season that we are about to endure to make another site announcement and like the Beijing Olympics (or the Baltimore Colts) I am going to give the big news while everyone's asleep.

On the back of announcing that Greener of the podcastable He Score! He Shoot! would be making a recurring appearance as a guest poster I am pleased to announce another stunning coup. The negotiations were long and the final price was probably a little higher than I was expecting (in true Toronto fashion I outbid myself. Woo-hoo! I win! and as per club policy details will not be made public) but I am pleased to announce that starting tomorrow I'll have someone to a. help carry the load (come the regular season there will be a lot of posting) but more importantly b. help improve the quality of the site. He was one of the OCs (Original Commenters) here by way of the Battle of Ontario. He likes long walks on the beach and talking about shot quality and how much he hates Jason Blake. Who is he? Find out after the jump.

  * removes canvas cover *


Chemmy, one of the trio of site members that did such a stellar job during my vacation (some said it was better but they were quickly banned), has agreed to join the braintrust here at Pension Plan Puppets. His first duties will involve scheduling meetings with my neighbours, videotaping my oil bladder experiments, and setting up chicken wire. Good thing that the '16' jersey was vacated before the move. It would have been awkward trying to get that back from Darcy before he left. Chemmy has already shared some of his ideas for upcoming posts and we're all in for a treat. Join me in welcoming Chemmy, for the first time as part of the full-time team, to Pension Plan Puppets. He'll be along tomorrow afternoon to introduce himself.