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To Those That Don't Know Me

This post feels like a formality since I think all of you know who I am from my relentless commenting here as well as the three weeks Greener, MF37 and I inflated PPP's traffic numbers and publicly slandered Moose.

Anyhow, in case anyone discovered this site during the offseason while desperately praying that August and September would disappear so they could stop building "ship in a bottle" kits and shooting beer cans at transients, I'm Chemmy.


I'll be the American "yin" to PPP's studly Ontario "yang", bringing the black arts of statistics and economics to contrast with PPP's beautiful descriptions of the blue and white, plus I'm handsome (ladies how you doin?). I eat sleep and breathe hockey, and I'm considering myself a hired gun. My job is to make this place even bigger and even better which is a tall order, so it's going to take some bribing (pin contest details coming soon!), and some hard work from you guys.

So help me get this started on the right foot and start commenting your fool heads off, and don't forget that if you have a Fanpost or Fanshot you throw up that's really good PPP or I will feature it on the front page. Instant exposure! You can even cross post stuff like Greener does for all of the articles he writes "for us".